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Dear Reader,

Who of those among us hasnít at one time or other wished with all their heart that they might own a wand and perform magic? I am not talking of the charlatan fakery and sleight of hand gimmicks that close-up magicians often do in cabaret; no, I am talking about great and proper action-at-a-distance Magic. I have toured the World in search of potent ingredients and obscure mechanisms that when combined in the proper manner, could confer upon even the most barely trained novice, the ability to command at their bidding, such objects as might be found within the home.
. . . The Kymera Magic Wand is the result of these endeavours. It is the perfect blend of ancient wisdom and latter-day ingenuity that has created a instrument capable of reproducing the magical experience of being able to control things with merely the flick of a wrist, or the imperceptible twitch of the tip of the wand.
. . . In all likelihood, the detailed workings of the Kymera Wand will remain a mystery to you, nevertheless, I feel that it is only proper that I hereby provide a simple explanation of its uncanny abilities. It might interest you to know that the Kymera Wand has its own small measure of intelligence which it uses both to sense and to distinguish between certain deliberate movements that you (as the wandís bearer) may make with the wand. Upon detecting any such intentional movement, and recognising it, the wand causes itself to emanate a magnificent beam of light. Although dear reader you will have to take my honest word for it, as to the beauty of the light itself, because such is the delicacy of its radiance, that the beam may only be seen by those fiendishly clever inventions of circuitous wizardry that are capable themselves of receiving it. In fact, the invisible illumination is of a quality that is recognised by almost every piece of modern home entertainment apparatus or contraption that is of course, suitably equipped.
. . . The action and reliability of the magic wand will compliment the diligent user, who with patience and practice may attain a wholly enchanting level of skilful operation, as would befit the most accomplished wizard or witch.
. . . If you are lucky enough to own one of the few Kymera Wands that are to be made, you will join with me in being a pioneer of a New Magical Age, and together with a single joyous flourish, we will cast aside the rather pedestrian need to exert oneís self in the dreary experience of pressing a remote control button.

Your most humble servant, and adventurer in life,
Sir Richard Barons' aka. Kaptin Scarlet's signature
Sir Richard Barons
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