Poké Ball

Highly accurate die cast replica collectible

This high quality, accurate Poké Ball is the first officially-licensed premium collectible replica for Pokémon fans.

The Poké Ball’s engineered die cast metal shell has a deeply coloured surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity. With its brightly glowing button and lift-to-display illuminated presentation case, this Poké Ball is the long-awaited collectible for Pokémon fans and the start of an exciting Poké Ball collection.

Equipped with touch and proximity-sensing technology, the Poké Ball’s button glows when it senses motion and glows extra brightly when the ball is touched. Pressing the button starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence; double-clicking it changes the light colour from white to red and then green. These display-grade Poké Balls are ideal for collectors: each replica comes with its own presentation case – authenticated by a uniquely-numbered hologram – and a polished stainless steel ring so that you can display your Poké Ball exactly how you’d like to.

Lights in the display case automatically illuminate when it is opened, bathing the Poké Ball in a softly swirling glow. Adjust the colour of the light using the touch-sensitive name plaque on the front of the case to choose one of seven different hues.

Quality materials: Display-grade replica with a finely detailed metal shell and a deeply coloured, high-gloss lacquer finish

Engaging: Beautifully brought to life with touch and proximity sensing

Immersive: Brightly glowing button and animated, multicolour case illumination

Display grade: Opening the presentation case lifts the Poké Ball for display

Seriously collectible: The first of a range of premium collectible Poké Balls, each one uniquely numbered and officially licensed by The Pokémon Company International

Hidden accessory: Highly polished stainless steel display ring

polished display ring

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Each beautifully hand-finished Poké Ball is uniquely numbered with an authentication hologram, and is officially licensed by The Pokémon Company International.

quality materials


With real heft and reassuringly solid, the 297g (10.5oz) Poké Ball’s precision-made, die cast metal shell has been carefully painted with a premium lacquer for a highly polished finish.

the ultimate collectible

poke ball plaque

The first in an exciting range of officially licensed Poké Balls, each one having its own special place in the hearts of fans that love Pokémon; ideal to collect and display.

the fantasy made real

pokemon glowing eye

Equipped with proximity-sensing technology, the Poké Ball’s button glows when it senses motion; pressing it changes the light colour or starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence.

This Poké Ball is the most iconic model and typically the first tool a Trainer receives to catch wild Pokémon

poke ball on table

The Poké Ball is the hallmark of aspiring Trainers everywhere. This remarkable device is an essential part of a Trainer’s equipment, required first to catch a Pokémon and then as a place for it to reside in comfort when not helping its Trainer on their adventures.

While the advanced mechanics by which a Poké Ball captures and houses a Pokémon are mysterious and unknown to our technology, we know that they are activated by a button on the front of the ball.

Poké Ball

Edition: Standard production – released initially in North America, mainland Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand

Release date: 27th February 2021 (preorders starting 30th November 2020)

Packaging: Full colour merchandising box over a protective EPS foam block

Livery: Red and white painted shell with black and white detailing

Box contents: Poké Ball, presentation display case, polished stainless steel display ring (hidden in the bottom of the display case), illustrated manual, 3 x AA batteries installed in the display case, and 3 x AAA batteries installed inside the Poké Ball.

Retailers: Pre-order from the list of official retailers below while stocks last.

Poké Ball: Although there are numerous different types of Poké Ball, each with different strengths and functions, the original red and white Poké Ball is the most iconic model and typically the first tool a Trainer receives to catch wild Pokémon.

Poké Ball packaging contents


You can pre-order your Poké Ball from the following retailers while stocks last.
Please note that, in many regions, the first production batch (shipping on Pokémon Day) sold out very quickly. We are doing our best to make more Poké Balls quickly. Retailers are now taking pre-orders for subsequent production batches, which will ship later than February 2021.

United States: Amazon, Sideshow.com, Big Bad Toy Store, Zavvi, GameStop and Target.com

Europe: Cosmic Group, Yugen Collectibles, Derive Figurine, Allblue World and Collectables.ch

UK: Forbidden Planet, Amazon and Zavvi

Australia: Mighty Ape and Yellow Octopus

New Zealand: Mighty Ape

Frequently-asked questions

Look down this list of frequently-asked questions to find answers that will help you if you are thinking of buying a Poké Ball and want to learn more about how it works and what is included in the pack.

Are the Poké Balls accurate?

Yes. We designed the Poké Ball using all available references and took advice and guidance from The Pokémon Company International (TPCi). The dimensions, colour, size and weight of the Poké Balls have been officially approved by Pokémon.

What is the Poké Ball made from?

The Poké Ball is made from a mix of materials. The outer shell halves are precision-made die cast zinc which has been polished and then finished with a high-quality lacquer. The black band and white button, and much of the internal geometry needed to hold the electronics and batteries, are ABS – an engineering-grade injection moulded plastic.

How much does the Poké Ball weigh?

The Poké Ball weighs 297 g (10.5 oz).

How big are the Poké Ball and Display Case?

The  Poké Ball has a diameter of 75 mm (~2.95″).

The Display Case is 90 x 95 x 95 mm (~3.5 x 3.75 x 3.75″).

The whole merchandising pack, containing Display Case and Poké Ball is 120 x 120 x 220 mm (~4.75 x 4.75 x 8.6″).

What is the Display Case made from?

The majority of the Display Case is made from ABS, an engineering-grade injection moulded plastic, which has been spray-painted with a metallic flake filled lacquer. The name plaque is aluminium and the Poké Ball support cup is made from silicone rubber.

The polished metal Display Ring is made from stainless steel.

What does the proximity and touch sensing do?

The Poké Ball’s button light illuminates as your hand approaches the ball. The button light glows brighter as your hand gets nearer. If you touch both halves of the Poké Ball at the same time, the button light glows at its brightest.

Please check the Poké Ball manual for further details of the functions and how to change the button light colour and play the catching Pokémon illumination sequence.

What is the best way to display my Poké Ball?

That’s up to you. You can display the Poké Ball in a number of ways:

In the presentation case
As you open the presentation case the Poké Ball is automatically lifted into position. The display case has an illuminated rubber cup to gently hold the Poké Ball safely in position. The rubber cup is illuminated by six multicolour LEDs, so not only can you illuminate your Poké all while on display, but you can choose from one of seven glowing colours.

On the presentation case
The polished stainless steel display ring fits perfectly in the Poké Ball icon on the top of the case. After closing the case, place the ring on the top of the case and the Poké Ball sits securely on the display ring.

On the display ring
The display ring is provided so that the Poké Ball may be displayed on any suitable level surface.

On its own
The Poké Ball is specially weighted so that when placed on any level surface it will come to rest the correct way up. Take care not to place it on any abrasive surfaces or the paint finish may be damaged.

Take care always to display the Poké Ball on a secure and level surface where it will not be knocked. The ball is heavy and will be damaged if dropped and may injure someone if it falls on them.
The Poké Ball is not a toy – it is a premium display piece. Always display the Poké Ball out of reach of small children. Never throw the Poké Ball.

Please check the Poké Ball user manual for further details of the functions and how to change the display illumination colour.

Which other versions will you release and when?

The Poké Ball will be released on Pokémon Day, 27th February 2021, then there’ll be a number of other balls released throughout 2021. Check with your chosen retailer or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out which ball is coming next and when it will be released.

Are batteries included?

Yes. The ball uses 3 x AAA alkaline batteries. The base uses 3 x AA alkaline batteries. Batteries are included and are pre-installed inside the ball and the base. The user manual contains instructions for replacing the batteries.

Can I throw my Poké Ball?

No, this Poké Ball must never be thrown. This Poké Ball is not a toy – it is a collector’s display piece, designed for display only. It has a premium finish, is made of heavy die cast metal and should be handled with care. Throwing the Poké Ball will damage it and may injure someone.

Does the Poké Ball open?

No, this Poké Ball does not open up.

hand holding Poké Ball

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