Star Trek Original Series Communicator

Star Trek Communicator

Fully functional Bluetooth speakerphone, 1:1 replica of the Original Series Communicator hero prop

Pip-Boy Accessories

Pip-Boy Accessories

Pip-Boy Stand Bluetooth Speaker Kit, FM Radio and Illuminated Display Panel Upgrade Modules

premium collectible fallout puzzles

Premium Puzzles

Highly detailed scenes made into premium in-universe collectible 1000 piece puzzles

Fusion Flea

Fallout Fusion Flea

Die cast metal hand-finished replica collectible of Fallout’s iconic ultra-compact single-seater

Pip-Boy 2000 construction kit

Pip-Boy™ 2000 Mk VI kit

Authentic and fully detailed self-assembly Pip-Boy construction kit from Bethesda’s new Fallout 76

Star Trek Original Series Rock Mood Light

Star Trek Rock Mood Light

Gorgeous, Phaser-controlled rock-shaped mood light capturing Sulu’s adventure in The Enemy Within

Kymera Magic Wand

Kymera Wand

Life is magic, so take control with Kymera – the world’s first real magic wand

The Wand Company was founded in 2009 to create the world’s first real magic wand after Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley had the idea of putting advanced electronics inside a traditional-looking wizard’s wand. Since then we have stayed true to our goal of breathing life into our favourite fantasy and science fiction props using clever design, advanced electronics, authentic materials and world class manufacturing.

We concentrate on developing each product properly and pay a great deal of attention to detail so that our products are rewarding to own and deliver excitement on many levels. Beautiful high-quality finishes, richly illustrated manuals, display stands and accessories make sure that whether you are buying one of our products for yourself or as something special for someone special, you will not be disappointed.

Our dedication to our products doesn’t stop when your ownership starts. We are proud to provide our world-class customer service to everyone who owns one of our products, which ensures that you will continue to get the most out of your Wand Company product for years to come.

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