Tricorder update #15 – First reveal – Destination Star Trek London 2021

(This article was first emailed on October 28, 2021 to fans who had registered an interest in finding out more about our Tricorder.)

A fifty-five year mission, and we are here… 

I am thrilled to announce that we will be showcasing the Tricorder Replica in person for the very first time at Destination Star Trek London!

I will be presenting the Tricorder Replica with Andrew Stockdale and James Thomas, key members of the development team, who I introduced to you in my last newsletter/blog. Together we will be participating in a panel discussion on Saturday 13th November when we will demonstrate the functions and features of the very first working sample of our Tricorder Replica, while also discussing more about the development process over the last few years, and answering questions from the audience.

Destination Star Trek London will be taking place over three days at ExCeL in the heart of London’s docklands from Friday 12th November to Sunday 14th November 2021. For more information and details about the event, the guests, the venue, and of course, if you want to purchase tickets, go to

We look forward to seeing you there!



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36 thoughts on “Tricorder update #15 – First reveal – Destination Star Trek London 2021

  1. Paul C

    Looks absolutely fantastic…have waited for years for this and can’t wait for it’s release. Big thanks to the whole team for what looks like the definitive tricorder on the market. Will look brilliant alongside my Wand Company phaser and communicator.

      1. Phil Alexander

        If the tricorder is only 1/2 as good as the excellent original communicator it will be so brilliant.

        The communicator is fabulous.

        Will Wand be re-creating the STNG coms badge


        1. Chris Barnardo Post author

          Thanks for your kind words. We did consider the coms badge at one point but felt that the battery size/life combined with the limitations of current speaker technology when taken together would have prevented the badge from working in the way it does on-screen, and as a result of that, we quickly discounted it as a potential project.

    1. Anonymous

      I’ve been waiting forever for this! With the trickier release the last of , as I like to call it the holy trail of trek collectables, will be complete!
      Live long and prosper!

  2. Mike L

    Hmmmm….Phaser reissue you say. It would be nice to be able to get inside the P1 to replace the battery. Maybe add another “mode” to control the Mood Rock from from this phaser as well? Sorry… topic. Hope you guys had a great holiday. Looking forward to the TRICORDER demo. TAKE MY MONEY!

  3. Ray B Manning

    I think if they ever decide to bring back the phaser, it won’t be in its original form. With Fire sticks, AppleTV, and other streaming options with proprietary controllers, TV remotes don’t seem viable as a product like they were close to a decade ago. Sure, they could just make it with enhanced FX mode and just call it a replica. Or, they could develop an AR application. I think it would be so cool to shoot virtual phaser beams at real world targets in an augmented reality world. Just a thought…….

    1. Christa

      When I think of a functional phaser replica, the first thing that comes to mind is a laser pointer… but that’s admittedly pretty mundane lol

      1. Chris Barnardo Post author

        We did originally want to do this with a daylight visible green laser (i.e. where you could see the beam) but we thought that it was too dangerous and anything that looks good is pretty much illegal anyway (for good reason), so that’s why we went for the remote control in the end.

        1. Rudy

          Dealing with humans….good call on no laser. However, it would be nice to get the pahser re-issued in stripped down form.. All people like me really need is the look and for it to be quite loud. That will keep the squirrels away!

        2. Tina

          If the phaser was reissued and is to still be used as a remote maybe it should be updated to work with Fire sticks, AppleTV, Roku etc? Since all of those devices from my understanding when looking it up, are able to use a universal remote as long as it’s compatible.

          Christa’s idea of a laser pointer would be fun, but if it’s an issue maybe make it into a flashlight instead. It’s silly, but at least it would still be functional. Perhaps have a setting to have on it silent in case people don’t phaser sounds every time they turn the flashlight mode on.

        3. Steve C

          Hi Chris is there a chance that the phaser might be re-issued perhaps dispensing with the remote functions and focusing on it being a replica only?

          1. Chris Barnardo Post author

            Not much at the moment, but it is a faint possibility for the future, as I would never absolutely rule anything out. However, given the high minimum order quantities (10k units) for many of the specially made metal components and the need for a redesign to change any of the features to improve or remove the remote control functions, and a more than likely chance anyway for the need for a full electronics revision anyway to replace components that might have gone end of line since the last manufacturing run, it is highly unlikely that the project would be viable.

  4. Dominique Piton

    Je suis impatient de pouvoir posséder le tricordeur, il va pouvoir se mettre à côté du phaser et du communicateur. Merci pour le beau travail, il a l’aire super dommage que je ne sais pas me rendre a Londre. Bonne continuation Dominique

  5. Eric Kralicek

    This will be a great add to my current collection. I have both Phaser and Communicator – both excellent devices and expertly detailed. Some time ago I had an issue with the communicator stand – it was not charging the communicator correctly. The Wand Company quickly sent me a replacement and I’ve had no problems since. I can say that I’m a very happy camper and truly appreciate the quality products and services that the Wand Company has in place.

  6. Kevin Sharpe

    I’m having trouble with my phaser keeping charge. What do I do? Also, I was tempted to buy a 2nd phaser and communicator but can’t find them except used and way overpriced? Are they still in production? How can I get them from you? And the mood light.

    1. Matt Sheets

      Go to the star trek shop. They had a communicator reissue in Nov. not sure if they’re any left though. It is a 55th anniversary with new audio clips. The phaser is way out of production, at least for now.

  7. Steven Turner

    I am so excited to see this fabulous work of science and art in person. Congratulations to the team of artists who brought this piece of classic SyFy history to life.

    1. Chris Barnardo Post author

      I am sorry but hotmail and Yahoo have a habit of bouncing emails from newsletters and we try to resend but still many with those email clients are not getting the messages. if you want to be sure to get the updates, then please get a gmail account email address (which are free) and email us on letting us know your previous email address and we will amend your registration with the new account details. Thx

  8. Mike L.

    Chris…any video you can share from the London Destination Star Trek demo? As Roger Rabbit would say…. P-p-p-lease?

  9. Eric

    Had to re register for the Tricorder. For some reason I have not been getting the Tricorder updates and was worried I would miss out my registration from my other email address

  10. Carl Humphreys

    I’m a serious Star Trek Junkie and I need my fix, any information on the Tricorder should do the trick. You’re my only hope. ha-ha

  11. Rauel LaBreche

    Wondering if there was any video taken of the reveal that could be shared with us poor frogs across the pond? I’m sure you’ve been asked this already but I figured . . . what the heck, why not prod? Hope you and the team are well. This bloody virus needs to take a holiday so we can all get on with life again. (Did you like how I snuck in some British vernacular there?)

    1. Chris Barnardo Post author

      Hi Rauel, We were not able to take any decent video of the DST panel session I am afraid. I am really sorry about that i was hoping to get some great feed and be able to share it.

  12. Richard Cardinal

    I cant wait… Can I buy two? So excited! You are the BEST! I have the Phaser and Communicator. They sit proudly on my desk t my home offce. I cant wait to add to the glass case. Just amazing top quality !!!!!!! Great job Wand Team !!!!!

    Rick Cardinal
    Century 21 Cardinal
    Nashua , NH


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